Highway Bridges

Bridges are exposed to severe stress, their lifetime depends on a variety of factors including: frequency and quality of maintenance, concrete/steel quality, physical exposure, chemical exposure, climatic conditions and bridge design. The Matacryl bridge deck waterproofing systems address these issues and provide good quality 100% effective seamless waterproofing preventing water, chemicals and de-icing salts from penetrating into the structural deck concrete – thus preventing the steel reinforcing bars corroding.

Matacryl have three main waterproofing systems offering design engineers and clients effective solutions for the main application areas of bridge deck waterproofing, and when combined with Matacryl's extensive portfolio for bridges and excellent customer service this gives a class leading offer for all your bridge protection needs.



- Matacryl WPM 

- Matacryl WS (Vehicular) 

- Matacryl WS (Pedestrian)