Markyate Footbridge Treated To Makeover Using Matacryl Waterproofing Systems

USL Speciality Products worked in partnership with Osborne, Techjoint Limited and Hertfordshire County Council to carry out structural and aesthetic repair systems to Markyate Footbridge.

USL Ekspan

The 4-month footbridge restoration project saw Stair Nosings, Concrete Repair products and Structural Waterproofing systems being applied to the structure.



The reflective nosing's and GRP panels supplied by Fibregrid were carefully fitted onto the footbridge staircase by Techjoint Limited to prevent a trip hazard when applying Matacryl WS. Also, to ensure that Matacryl WS would adhere to some of the existing coatings applied, adhesion tests were performed by our specialist contractors.


Nosing's were applied using specialist industrial adhesive onto the Matacryl Primer CM. Application of the Matacryl WS system to the required depth and encapsulate the GRP Nosing to prevent water loss. A fully integral waterproof wearing system was applied to the structure by Techjoint Limited to avoid future spalling and provide chloride protection.

The use of Matacryl WS for the main walkways, ramps and steps meant that the system could be applied during cold conditions without jeopardising the curing times and allowed all trades to continue working.


APA Concrete Repairs used Nufins concrete repair materials to repair defects to the concrete bridge soffit and abutments before Techjoint Limited could apply the Matacryl waterproofing and wearing course system.


Due to the gradients and steps on the structure, USL's technical team specified Matacryl WLV as part of the Matacryl WS system to prevent slump and for ease of application and also a bauxite aggregate was added to the client's requirements.


Osborne and Hertfordshire County Council are delighted with the finish and process, from specification by USL Speciality Products to execution by APA Concrete Repairs and Techjoint Limited.

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